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If you are missing your childhood and want to play a better version of Snake game, open Google Map and follow these steps: Washington D.C: It is April Fool’s day and while some people are busy planning pranks on others, Google too has something planned for its users.  Google Maps has a fun new eater egg. Image: Google The objective of the game is simple. ‘Pick up as motorcycle bike game many passengers as you can.’ While doing so, you have to be careful not to run off the map or going against your own vehicle. The goal is to last as long as possible in the game and set your high score. Google Snake Game  Google has also hosted a standalone website https: so that users can play Snake even long after April Fool's day is over. In a blog about the game, Google said: “Once you’ve selected a city, start picking up as many passengers as you can as your train travels around the world – stopping everywhere from Big Ben, the Great Sphinx of Gaza to the Eiffel Tower.